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Live Pearl Pink Ramshorn Snail - Freshwater Live Aquatic Snails, Great Algae eaters and Scavengers FREE SHIPPING

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Pictures and video are not of the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. 

Tissue Culture Plants?

  • Size: ~ 2.5x2.5 inch
  • Lab Grown Plants
  • Snail, Algae & Pest Free

We ship snails at 1/4 inch size.
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Pearl Pink Ramshorn Snails are ideal for freshwater planted aquariums, as they effectively eat algae and scavenge for debris. Their efficient digestion also helps create a better eco system. As experienced aquarium hobbyists know, these snails are a great addition to any tank. Ramshorn Snails are freshwater aquatic snails known for their algae-eating and scavenging abilities. These snails, bred locally in Illinois, are essential to maintaining a healthy and balanced eco system in planted aquariums. Help keep your aquarium clean and healthy with these helpful invertebrates.


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