Shop worry-free with our Live Arrival Guarantee. We guarantee that your items will arrive alive and well, ready for you to enjoy.


24 Hours Live Arrival Guarantee*

 In a rare Event of Plants/live stocks arriving damaged/dead upon delivery.

  • we must be notified within 24 hours by the same day of delivery. 
  • Please take clear photos of the damaged product and send it to us within 24 hours.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee will be void after 24 hours of delivery. 
  • All replacements are considered final and we will not replace the replacement.


  1. Picture requirements: Take at least 2 clear photos of damaged product in their original, unopened & sealed transparent packing and send photos and orders information to our email within 24 hours:
  2. Please do not take picture of damaged plants, or animals in your aquarium. Once they have been placed in your aquarium. It can no longer be covered by our guarantee.

- Please keep in mind that Live Arrival Guarantee only guarantees that live stocks will be alive upon arrival.

- We cannot guarantee that you can provide needed care for  the plants/live stock to keep them alive and have them thrive.

- Many factors, including the aquarium environment, water quality, nutrient, temperature, lighting, filter, and CO2 system, can contribute to the failure to grow live plants and live animals.



We can't guarantee plants will be 100% pest-free because we can not be responsible for pests in your aquarium.

Please use plants at your own risk.
* We recommended all customers rinse the plants with clean water and quarantine them before use.

* Only plants in tissue culture will be 100% free from pests, algae and snails.

  1. Due to the nature of the products. We can not guarantee our plants will be pests / algae / snail free.
  2. We can not  guarantee your aquarium success or are responsible for your aquarium inhabitant including but not limited to fish, shrimp, snail, turtle, etc. So please quarantine all plants when use!
  3. Unless specific, we can not guarantee aquatic plants were grown emerged or submerge.