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Rotala "BONSAI" Tissue Culture

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Rotala "BONSAI" Tissue Culture

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Tissue Culture Plants?


Rotala indica, Ammania Bonsai, Dwarf Indian Toothwort Rotala Robustus 'Mini' is a low-growing, naturally bushy species that works well front and center in any size aquarium. This stem plant looks great when planted in hardscape, forming driftwood and rocks as a natural part of the aquatic environment. In ideal conditions, Rotala "Mini" sends horizontal stems, allowing it to spread laterally through the substrate. It requires strong lighting, so taller, medium-ground specimens must be kept under close supervision so that this plant is not overshadowed.
Ideal for creating a lush, natural environment in your aquarium, Rotala "Mini" is a low-growing but bushy stem plant that pairs well with hardscape elements like driftwood and rocks. With robust horizontal stems and a need for bright lighting, this plant thrives when given proper care and attention.

This species grows slowly, which makes it susceptible to algae growth. Low temperatures are well tolerated but may further stunt growth. We recommend both CO2 injection and circulation to promote growth and kill algae. Unlike most stem plants, Rotala "Mini" does not respond to water column fertilization and is primarily a root feeder. Therefore, we recommend a rich substrate with many traces, especially iron. Root capsules can be placed under the plant as a slow release source of nutrients. Do not plant this species in tanks with large fish or herbivores as its stems are brittle and easily damaged. With proper care and maintenance, Rotala "Mini" provides a slow growing, low temperature tolerant, and algae resistant addition to your aquarium. As a root feeder, it thrives on a rich substrate with traces of essential nutrients. To ensure optimum growth, we recommend using CO2 injection and circulation, while avoiding large fish and herbivores that may damage its delicate stems.


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