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Lysimachia Nummularia Tissue Culture

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Lysimachia Nummularia Tissue Culture

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Tissue Culture Plants?


Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea', also known as Golden Creeping Jenny, is a unique plant that is at home underwater in an aquarium and growing in your garden. L. mummularia is moderately tall and suitable for placement in the middle ground, depending on the size and design of the waterscape. It can be "trained" to grow even shorter and used as a "street plant" in Dutch-style waterscapes, growing low above the substrate almost like a carpet. With golden leaves, it takes the form of a beautiful bush and becomes even bushier with frequent pruning. With high light and CO2, it grows denser and lower and can even crawl along the surface of the substrate like a carpet plant. L. nummularia is very easy to care for and easily adapts to almost any environment, making it particularly suitable for beginners. It is one of the first aquarium plants and can be kept in non-technical settings, including unheated cold water tanks with Goldfish. Moderate to strong lighting, CO2 addition and nitrate fertilization, and a soft, nutrient-rich growing medium encourage faster, denser growth, as with all plants, but are by no means necessary. Lysimachia mummularia depends mainly on nutrients found in the water column and is not selective regarding substrates. In fact, it's perfectly happy to just float. Golden Creeping Jenny should be pruned frequently to encourage attractive, healthy growth, and the resulting cuttings can be transplanted for easy propagation. You can even grow pieces in a mason jar near a windowsill for a nice display! Finally, this beautiful golden variety is both unassuming and versatile, making a great addition to any level of hobbyist's aquarium. It is particularly tolerant to different water conditions and grows only with water and light. It is an ideal plant for those who have never grown aquarium plants before, have goldfish or a unique addition to high-tech specialized tanks. Lysimachia mummularia is a species of amphibian and is commonly used as a ground cover in gardens where it grows very low to the ground and "creeps" along the ground. Therefore it is perfect for terrariums or Waki​​​​Kusa. Originally from Europe, Lysimachia m was introduced as a garden plant in North America. Although this "award-winning" golden variety is unlikely to be as aggressively invasive as its wild-type cousin, care must be taken to keep this plant out of natural bodies of water because it is so hardy and can survive a North American winter. This applies to all aquarium plants, so grow them responsibly..


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